2021 – Today

SEO manager and website owner at Molo, a startup in the FinTech industry.


Adept in data analysis and SEO research, I help companies identify off-site content opportunities while technically improving their on-site SEO.

Deploying technical SEO audits and creating technical-roadmaps including Core Web Vitals (CWV) updates, working with front-end developers to prioritise functionality; improving websites performance by 700% on average.

Consulting a company in the hospitality industry; identifying SEO opportunities; managing SEO budget, including technical, content and link building strategies; achieved 200% uplift of converting visitors in the first six months.

Leading SEO annual strategies in the hospitality and enterprise industries for local and global businesses; managing a team of content writers, SEO executives and UX designers.


Developing SEO strategies; identifying automation processes, tools and services to enhance the value of SEO products offered to clients; reliably converting clients with an average annual SEO budget of £30,000.

Implementing B2B/B2C internal link-building strategies; identifying the most valuable landing pages for cost-effective PR campaigns, typically increasing search position by 30-70%.


Delivering SEO strategies for B2B/B2C businesses; converting visitors by 50-200% and increasing website visibility by 200% through CRO techniques, targeted content and progressive off-site strategies.

Leading content-migration strategy for a large chartered accountant website, managing a team of developers and content writers; increasing web property visibility by 248% for specific landing pages within three months of website launch.


Consulting VisitBritain in their SEO strategy. Performing keyword research; identifying the opportunity of structured-semantic content for the Spanish market; leading a team of content writers, SEO executives and front-end developers to guarantee continuous workflow and testing. Increasing traffic by 246% compared with same previous period in the first 6 months of migration.

Managing ethical link building strategy for a horticulture website; increasing position for high-value keywords; analysing customer cycle and developing strategies to answer customer intent across SERP features.

Performing on-site optimisation audit for a company in the financial industry; implementing SEO strategy and working with graphic designers and front-end developers in the interception of CRO/UX techniques, while applying spring testing. Improving customer experience, position and reducing crawl waste by identifying the most valuables URLs.